Are you looking for a Sarasota Realtor specializing in the luxury real estate market?


Are you looking for a Sarasota Realtor specializing in the luxury real estate market?

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Luxury Home 14 Nov 2013

ritzOne $1,000,000 house sale does not make a Realtor ” a specialist in the luxury market”. Agents who live and breathe this market, year after year and sale after sale, are truly the mascots of the upper end marketplace. The good agents make selling “the special property” look easy. They know how to elevate the homes uniqueness as they invite the buyer to feel at home.

The luxury real estate agent must know their geographic marketplace like no other. They know the inventory, the owners and history of the properties. Not only have they seen all available inventory, they probably have listed or sold either that same house or the one next door during their career. It takes years to garner this knowledge that ultimately advise some of the wisest people in the world.

In Sarasota, we are blessed with miles of beach, great weather and healthy arts community and have become a destination for the “rich and famous”, leaders of industry, philanthropists, artists and entrepreneurs. In turn, we boast amazing examples of luxury lifestyles from beach front penthouses to golf course mansions and from incredible waterfront estates to Downtown pied-a-terre

If you are looking for a realtor in Sarasota who knows the luxury marketplace. I would like you to think of me. Not only do I have the track record of selling many of the finest properties in the Sarasota area, I have spent almost 30 years developing the knowledge, skills and confidentiality required to represent the most discerning clientele. My door is open to you and yours.

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