Barbara Corcoran Loves Sarasota


Barbara Corcoran Loves Sarasota

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Uncategorized 22 Sep 2010

Barbara Corcoran on Today Show

Barbara Corcoran loves Sarasota.  Just a few days ago on the Today Show, Barbara Corcoran spoke about wonderful buys around the country for under $400,000.  

Leading off her segment was a home in Sarasota!   Describing Sarasota as a gorgeous, artsy community with over 35 miles of beachfront, Barbara Corcoran is  a wonderful advocate for our special town!

A powerhouse in the real estate industry, Barbara Corcoran has put together an incredible group of the top real estate agents worldwide.  In Sarasota, she handpicked…yours truly…Salkin & Soublis.  Visitors to her website are able to view Salkin & Soublis featured properties, as well as, properties throughout the world.  On October 1st, Paulene and I will be having lunch with Barbara and her Favorite Brokers for fast-paced, fact-filled update on today’s real estate market. Please click here for more information on Barbara Corcoran and Luxury Real Estate in Sarasota.

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