Can You Get My Sarasota Home Sold?


Can You Get My Sarasota Home Sold?

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Uncategorized 11 Jun 2010

Throughout our 24+ year career, Paulene and I have always represented a large inventory of properties for sale….mostly waterfront homes.   We are considered to be “listing agents” by our peers and are fortunate enough to have listed and sold some of the finest luxury real estate in Sarasota.

As a listing agent, you become an insider.  You are in your employer’s home…their sanctuary, and you must earn their trust.  Sellers must know that you respect them, their time and their life. By its nature, our job forces us to intrude into our seller’s personal space…we are being hired to sell their most prized possession, their home.

Last night, we crossed the last “t” and dotted the last “i” on a sales contract for one of our Longboat Key listings that we have had on the market for two years!  We accompanied every showing (and, there were many), helped with their dogs, knew about their trips, their family, their golf game.  And, when it got down to settling on a final sales price…the sellers asked for our sage advice.  They knew us and they trusted us.

So, “can we get your Sarasota home sold?”  Of course, we can!  We are affiliated with Sarasota’s best company with the best agents, we have experience galore, we are tech savvy investing time and money to promote property and most of all, our sellers can count on us to do whatever it takes to get their house sold!

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