Sarasota Re-Invents Retirement


Sarasota Re-Invents Retirement

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Uncategorized 08 Mar 2011

Sarasota re-invents retirement being way ahead of most cities in the country in services and opportunities for the older population says Ted Fishman, the author of Shock of Grey.  In his new book, Mr. Fishman writes an entire chapter on Sarasota and how it may be the finest place in the world for older people to make new homes. 

“The community encourages physical activity and social life”  as he tells the story of 90+ year old Plymouth Harbor couple who carry their kayak to the bayfront for their morning exercise.   All ages in Sarasota proudly embrace the creative and art community,  this becomes a bevy of opportunities for the older adult where they not only financially support the activities ; they become the work force as volunteers.

It’s a win-win for the community.    We gain the brain power and experience from the older adult while they benefit from the activity, the purpose and the camaraderie.

Retirement in Sarasota is a good thing.  Your daily dose of sunshine on the golf course, yoga at the beach or fishing the Gulf not only brightens your day but will elevate your mood.   Per capita, Sarasota has more non-for-profit organizations than anywhere in the country.   People helping other people.

Sarasota, also, boasts many lifestyle options.  From single family homes in gated golf course communities to beachfront high rise condominiums…we have villas, townhouses, small homes and mansions, large planned communities and darling Downtown get-aways.

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