Sarasota School of Architecture…today!


Sarasota School of Architecture…today!

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Lido Key, Luxury Home, Sarasota Luxury Real Estate, Single Family Home 21 Jan 2015

Wikipedia describes The Sarasota School of Architecture as follows:

The Sarasota School of Architecture, sometimes called Sarasota Modern, is a regional style of post-war architecture that emerged on Florida’s Central West Coast. Many of the architects who pioneered this style became world renowned later in their careers, and several significant buildings remain in Sarasota, Florida today.

Sarasota School of Architecture is characterized by its attention to climate and terrain. Large sunshades, innovative ventilation systems, oversized sliding glass doors, floating staircases, and walls of jalousie windows dominate many of these buildings, mostly built between 1941 and 1966.1310 Westway Drive

In Sarasota today, we are still lucky enough that our homeowners took the pride to  preserve many of these iconic homes and structures.  This week, one of the most famous examples has come to the market.  The original office of Phil Hiss at 1310 Westway Drive on Lido Shores for $1,590,000.  I was there yesterday and it really is an incredible space- made up the front studio in its glory and the attached residential space with  most  of the original  tile work, Ocala block walls, flooring and cabinetry remain intact,  courtyard atrium and of course, this floating staircase.1310 Westway Drive Stairway

For more information of contemporary or modern-designed homes in the area, feel free to contact me at  There are many disciples of the movement in the area and loads of interesting architecturally desirable homes on the market today.




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