SARASOTA…The BEST place to buy 2nd home in Western World


SARASOTA…The BEST place to buy 2nd home in Western World

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Uncategorized 27 Jul 2010

Reports show that Sarasota Florida is the best buy in the Western World!

The report, published today in ranks popular resort and second home locations around the world reveals the cheapest western holiday home destination is Sarasota, Florida, which is little surprise given how much the market has fallen over the past two years and the number of agents currently selling distressed property to foreigners in the sunshine state.

Among the surprises: Apartments in Warsaw, Poland are selling for higher prices than Dubai.

Manhattan and Paris are running neck in neck, but Moscow makes them both look cheap. Little wonder that the Russians are on an international buying spree, with Hong Kong residents close behind them. With China now officially the hottest residential market in the world, US properties are practically an impulse buy.

International estate agency group Savills has published a list of best-value destinations in 35 countries across the globe.
Price €/sqm ( The Euro is worth Approximately $1.20 )

Morocco, Marrakech 1,425
Egypt, Cairo 1,460
Oman, Muscat 1,881
Vietnam, Hanoi 2,190
Seychelles, Mahé 2,462
St Lucia 2,624
US, Sarasota, FL 2,779
St Nevis 2,902
Portugal, Algarve 3,000
Spain, Sotogrande 3,000
UAE, Dubai 3,366
Montenegro, Budva 3,650
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 3,833
Austria, Zell am See 4,000
Turkey, Istanbul 4,380
Croatia, Dubrovnik 4,500
Poland, Warsaw 4,563
Portugal, Lisbon 5,000
France, Nice 6,000
South Africa, Cape Town 6,125
New Zealand, Auckland 7,013
Switzerland, Geneva 7,740
Spain, Majorca 8,000
Italy, Sardinia (Costa Smeralda) 9,000
Italy, Milan 10,000
Singapore 10,218
China, Shanghai 10,829
US, Manhattan, NYC 10,950
France, Paris 11,500
Australia, Sydney 12,940
Hong Kong 14,539
Russia, Moscow 18,250
France, Courchevel 20,000
UK, London 20,141
France, Cannes (Croisette) 25,000
Monaco 50,000

( Statistics from )

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