A Special Message from Salkin & Soublis


A Special Message from Salkin & Soublis

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Sarasota Happenings 16 Apr 2013


For 27 years, we have been listing and selling Sarasota real estate as Salkin & Soublis. A formidable partnership, admired and copied, built on a strong foundation of respect and trust between the two of us. Our clients always knew that they could count on either one of us at any time. Throughout the years, we have sold so many homes together. We have laughed and cried, consulted and consoled our clients as well as each other. Paulene and I have shared our adult lives together and become the closest of friends.

We started off in the Merrill Lynch Realty Gulf Gate office where we listed a log cabin somewhat off Sawyer Road. Paulene can proudly end her real estate career after selling the highest priced property over on Siesta Key.

Yes, Paulene is retiring. She has decided to spend some well-deserved quality time with her family. Instead of selling the dream…Paulene will be living it.

Our business, based on integrity and trust, will continue. Our customers and clients will still be handled with the same expert care, and I will keep listing and selling Sarasota’s finest properties.






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