The Silver Lining to the Oil Spill


The Silver Lining to the Oil Spill

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Uncategorized 09 Jul 2010

This morning at The Sarasota Association of Realtors, I was present for the first Florida Realtors Oil Spill Recovery Town-hall Meeting. We were able to watch live as representatives from the Florida Senate, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Realtors and BP addressed Gulf Coast realtors.

I, by no means, am not a political activist but anything that concerns the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is of huge importance to me.  I have been in the business of selling waterfront property for over 25 years.  My clients’ properties concern me; my future livlihood concerns me and Sarasota’s world famous beaches concern me.  Out of the +/- 2000 membership of the Sarasota Association of Realtors, maybe a mere 40 attended.

So, here is the silver lining for the Florida coast line.


 Florida has had more time to become better organized. 

 By tomorrow, 90% of the spilling oil should be recovered on a daily basis.  Today, the winds and waves are moving to the left (sorry, Alabama) re-directing the oil away from our coast.

 We are being much more aggressive off-shore with 60-80 skimmers plus increased mechanical cleaners onshore.  Plus, decisions are being made on a local and county level instead of by the Coast Guard in Mobile, AL.

The unifying voice of all was “Plug the Well”.

The sooner.  The better.






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