Warren Buffett and Sarasota Real Estate


Warren Buffett and Sarasota Real Estate

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Gulf front, Siesta Key, Waterfront Land 01 Sep 2010

“I would rather buy a great company at a fair price than buy a fair company at a great price”

For over 20 years, Salkin & Soublis have been disciples of this Warren Buffett statement as it pertains to real estate in the Sarasota area.  To buy great real estate in Sarasota, we have always said “buy on the water”!  Even if it’s not the home of your dreams… buy the location.  When the time is right, you then can create your desired environment. 

Twenty years ago, water front property was at the top of the housing pyramid in Sarasota and on the barrier islands and  today, it is still the most sought after property in the area.  So, when you are looking for great property in the Sarasota area, think waterfront.  

Today’s market value for walking beachfront property in Siesta Key’s Sanderling Club is going for $26,000+/- a front foot.  Salkin & Soublis are fortunate to be offering a waterfront property with 150’ across a wide, white beach in The  Sanderling Club for only $22,000 per square front foot.

A great property with a better than fair price.

Warren would be proud.

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