Spring is in the Air


Spring is in the Air

Posted by Marcia Salkin in Arts and Culture, Sarasota Happenings 26 Mar 2021

Spring is in the air! With this new season comes incredible beauty both inside and outside of our homes. We’re feeling the need for a deep clean, and a new set of holidays are waiting to be celebrated. Our gardens will soon start to bloom and well-anticipated events are ready to be enjoyed.

Let’s dive into all things Spring together:

Spring Cleaning Success

Feeling the urge to scrub your home from top to bottom as the warmer weather arrives? Here are a few easy ways to begin the adventure: 

  • Get your doormats in place if they aren’t already — they’re an excellent way to trap extra dirt before it enters your halls. If they’ve been sitting all winter, shake them outside or hose them off if they’re made of material that can get wet.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, run a few lemon rinds through to refresh any odors it’s gathered since its last deep clean.
  • Remove the drawers and bins from your fridge and wash them in warm, soapy water. It’ll leave them shinier than any wipe-down ever could!
  • Get to rearranging and vacuum all the spots that are hard to reach — under the sofa, on top of your heating and cooling vents, in the corners of your baseboards, etc. You might just be surprised by the amount of dust you discover.

 For more great spring cleaning tips, check out this helpful list from Good Housekeeping.

Setting Tables for Celebration

After you’ve cleaned and cleaned, you’re probably going to feel ready to welcome the holidays that will occur in just a short time. No matter what you will be celebrating, your table is the perfect place to set the tone for your festivities.

Here are a few gorgeous tablescapes for inspiration:

Great Garden Additions

Once the interior of your home is set in stunning style, don’t forget about your outdoor gardens. Some of the best flowers to plant in Florida in the spring include: 

  • Coreopsis: A low-maintenance border or filler plant that produces frilly yellows, pinks, reds, and oranges.
  • Gerbera: These classic daisies you see all around will grow tall and healthily with moist soil and partial-to-full sun.
  • Evolvulus: A ground-covering blueish flower that will grow in even the hottest spots of your garden.

 For more great Florida grows, check out this information-packed list.

Incredible Outdoor Events

Getting out and about is one of the highlights of warmer weather, and our amazing Sarasota could never disappoint. Some of the best outdoor events to take advantage of this spring will occur at The Ringling, such as: 

  • Live music while taking in the vivid colors at Acoustic Sunsets
  • Morning walks in the sunshine
  • Serenity-filled yoga sessions

 For a list of all of Ringling’s upcoming events, click here.

As the warm temperatures and constant sunshine return, let’s enjoy an incredible season together. Turn your home into your own little paradise with deep cleaning, decorating, and garden planting, and enjoy some time spent out and about, too. This time of year is made to enjoy!

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